Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Sweet Boys

Every Morning I let Jaden watch spongbob squarepants and then when its over at 10:00 then its my turn to watch my show. (The Young and the Restless)when either show starts Jaxon recognizes the song so he gets excited and starts dancing. Here's a video clip of him dancing to spongbob. I was a little late getting the camera out and I missed the song so I had to sing it for him. So please just try to ignore my beautiful voice.

For the last few days Jaden has gone outside and picked me some cute little flowers. (or I think they might be weeds) but it's still very sweet of him. So then when he brings in the flower we have to put it in some water. Then when he's not watching I throw them away.

I went and had Jaden and Jaxon's pictures taken a week ago. Every year they get a free 8 by 10 picture from Kiddie Kandids from being in the Birthday Club. Jaden did really good he loves to have his picture taken so it wasn't hard to get him to smile. Jaxon on the other hand wasn't wanting to smile at all. but when she would snap a picture this big light would go off. And Jaxon LOVED it he thought it was sooo cool so we got a really cute picture of him saying "ohhhh" Here's there pictures that we took. (there not the best I just took a picture of their picture's if that makes any sense)anyways here they are.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The 24th of July

For the 24th we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Heap's house in Hatch. We missed the parade and the race that hey have in the park for the little kids. Jaden had even been practicing for the big race. We told him "just run as fast as you can" and then he would say "yeah and don't push anyone out of the way" So he was all ready for it and we missed it. Oh well maybe we can make it next year. We were still able to go to the park and let him play some games and get lots of prize's. one of Jaden's favorite things was shooting the bow and arrow. (with help of course) After the parade we just hung out at grandma and grandpa's house. Behind there house they have a couple horses one of them is just a colt. Lucky for Jaden he's really been into horses lately (that's all he wants for his birthday) At first he would just sit on the fence and watch them. He was out there all day we would keep going out to check on him. And as we were about ready to go home we went out to get him and he wasn't sitting on the fence, and i couldn't see him anywhere. finally Brandon saw him he was right down by the horses feeding them some grass. That was Jaden's favorite part was feeding the horses. Here are some pictures from the 24th

This is Brandon playing in the horse shoe competition.

Jaden had a dinosaur painted on his cheek

Jaden's favorite game shooting the bow and arrow (with brandon's help)

Jaxon enjoying a cupcake

Last we have Jaden and the horse's

Jaxon's party

We had Jaxon's birthday party on Monday (the 21st) he got lots of toys (which Jaden thinks are his) But I think he had a fun time. We had Grandma and Grandpa Heap there, The Lunts, The Stillman's and The Avery's. And some neighbor friends. we gave Jaxon his presents and He didn't have a clue what he was supposed to do. So we tried to help him and he still wasn't interested. so all the cousins opened them for him. His favorite present was his battery powered toothbrush. He loved digging in his piece of cake though. I knew that he wouldn't be shy about digging his hands in his cake. (Since that's what he does with any kind of food you give him squeezes it with his hands) so I just gave him a little piece and he still managed to make a really good mess. But I think everyone had a really good time. Now we just have to get through Jaden's and then we don't have to worry about birthdays for a while.

Jaden and the cousins opening Jaxon's presents for him

Jaxon makeing a big mess with his cake

Monday, July 21, 2008


So far today has been a big day. Jaxon turned one years old. I can't believe that it was a year ago that we had him. He's getting so big and learning so much. We are so grateful to have him in our family. We haven't had his little party yet so I'll have to post pictures of that a little bit later. The other day I could hear Jaxon but i couldn't find him. Those of you that know where I live know that there's only so many places that he could be. So i looked in his room and he wasn't there I looked in my room he wasn't there. He wasn't in the bathroom or closets. I finally looked behind the entertainment center and there he was. He squeezed him self in between the wall and the entertainment center. I think I'm going to have my hands full with this boy. We love you Jaxon and happy birthday.

Also today Jaden went number 2 in the toilet. I'm so proud of him he is almost 4 years old and still not potty trained. This morning I knew that he had to go poop because he went and hid behind the couch. so I said "lets go on the potty" he cried and didn't want to but i made him. I finally got him to calm down. he only sat there for about 5 min and then he was like "I did it" I was so HAPPY I hope that this means were one step closer to him being potty trained. So good job JADEN!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fashion show

Yesterday Jaden decided to give me a little fashion show. Lately he's been really entertained with shoes. So yesterday he had to try on some of Brandon's boots. first up we have the snowboarding boots.

next up we have the cowboys boots (i think that's what they are or just normal boots)

Last we have the hunting boots or work boots.

After doing a post of just Jaden I feel like I need to have some pictures of Jaxon too. so here are some pictures of his muddy face.

yummm doesn't that look good.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

sorry I'm not interested in adult movies

So someone by the name of "to share" left a comment on my blog telling me that they had found a very good free adult movie site. I just want everyone to know that I'm NOT interested in adult movies. I have no idea who "to share" is. I don't know how to delete that comment so I want everyone who see's that comment to know that I don't watch adult movies never have never will. and i don't know the person that left that comment. Anyways so I've decided to approve comments before they can be posted. So I hope that I don't offend anyone by making you think I have to approve your comment first. I just don't want messed up people telling me about there porn site's. And to all my family and friends thanks for your wonderful comments. keep em coming. And "To Share" (who ever you are) how about you just leave your comments to people that you know like porn.


I celebrated my b-day on the 6th it was on a Sunday so i had to work. But I guess that's ok I still had a good day. When i got home Brandon had dinner ready, the house all clean, And he had bought me an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen :) At work I all most made it my entire shift with out anyone knowing it was my birthday. But then my great brother in law mike (who also works at the store) forgot to tell me happy birthday while he was at work so he called and told the manager to tell me happy birthday. So then I knew that everyone was going to know. Sure enough about 20 minutes later a fellow employee got on the intercom and made a big long announcement how it was my birthday and how i had been working with the company for 25 years. Anyways after they embarrassed me they gave me this cool herb garden plant. It has rosemary, oregano, and thyme. I have no idea how to use fresh herbs so if anyone knows how let me know. I just hope i can keep it alive. So thanks to Brandon and my friends at work for a great birthday. And thanks to Nikki (who spent way to much money on me)for ordering me a pair of really cute keen shoes. I'm way excited to get them. so here are a few pictures from my b-day.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The 4th of July :)

Hooray We just celebrated my favorite holiday the 4th of July. The boys and I went to delta. Anyone from delta knows that the 4th is a big deal there. They have the parade, the activities at the park, the demolition derby, and then the fireworks. So we were all excited Jaden was so excited to go to the parade and see the horses, airplanes, the fire trucks, and get lots of candy. So as we were all heading to the parade we had a little problem. My mom, sister and her kids all got in there car and left. As me and the boys were pulling out of the drive way I remembered that I had to grab a couple plastic bags for my nephews (who were meeting us at the parade)They had to have there bags to put there candy in. so I ran inside and got the bags came back out and the car doors were locked. I put the boys in there seats but didn't buckle them in. one of them locked the doors. But i was like well Jaden can unlock them. So i told him to unlock the door. well he kept pushing lock lock lock. All he needed to do was slide his finger over and push the unlock part. Well he wasn't understanding. so after about 10 min I didn't know what to do the boys were crying luckily the a/c was on so they weren't sweating to death. So I called my mom and she walked home. By the time she got there a neighbor was there he had a wedge in the door and a hanger trying to unlock the door. He wasn't having any luck and Jaden still couldn't figure out how to unroll the window or unlock the door. So my mom went in and called the lock smith who was out of town. So she called Sahara Moters and no one answered. So then we really started to panic everyone was at the parade so who was going to come and help us. Meanwhile the boys were just screaming. So my mom decided to call 911. So They said they would send someone over. Just as me and my mom walked out the door we heard everyone cheering. Jaden had finally unlocked the door. Some how my sister had calmed him down and got him to unlock the door. so my mom had to go call 911 back and let them know that we didn't need help. It was an experience that I'll never forget. I knew that we were going to find a way to get them out but seeing my boys in there just scared to death screaming and not being able to do anything was a horrible feeling. I think I've learned my lesson no matter how big of a hurry I'm in I'm going to make sure my kids at buckled in there seats before I do something else. Anyways the rest of the day was pretty fun. We actually got to see some of the parade and get some candy. Then we went to the park and Jaden got to ride a horse. and see some live fish They had this big thing of water with all these trout swimming around and they let people get in and catch fish with there hands. It was really weird I thought it was sad too like half the fish were just floating there dead. so they had to blow a whistle and everyone had to get out so they could get the dead fish out. And what ever fish you caught you got to put in a plastic bag and take home. It was so weird Jaden liked seeing the fish though he thought it was cool he wanted to get in and get a fish so i had to tell him that most of the fish were dead. Anyways I'm skipping that part next year. so after the park we went to a matinee we want and saw Wall-e I wasn't to impressed with it. It doesn't compare to any of the toy story's or finding nemo. Then we went home and hung out until it was dark and then we did fireworks. It was a pretty good 4th of July. And I can't wait until next year.

this picture is of Jaxon just after we got him out of the car. He was still kind of sad. The rest are just of the kids getting candy at the parade and Jaden riding the horse

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We went camping last weekend with my parents. The boys had so much fun! Jaden loved playing in the water and fishing. I was only able to get a few pictures since the battery in my camera died. Jaden even slept in the tent with Brandon. While Jaxon and I slept in the trailer with my mom and dad. Jaxon woke up in the middle of the night and just screamed for about 2 hours. But for his first camping trip he did pretty good. At first he had a hard time getting used to the rocky, uneven ground. he had a few good face plants he's a tough kid though he got right back up and went on his way. One time he fell down and ate some dirt he didn't like that to much. We were able to see a deer, a wild turkey and her baby's. And on the way home we saw a porcupine. It was pretty cool its the first one that I've ever seen. I passed it and then I had to back up to see what it was. As i got a closer look I could tell is was a porcupine I started telling Jaden what a porcupine was how they have sharp quills or I think I called them thorns or something anyway I shouldn't have told him that because then he was scared and didn't dare get out and see it. So i picked him up and It was staring right at us so then I was getting a little nervous. I was thinking "If he's feeling threatened he's going to charge after us and and were going to get stuck with his quills" so I hurried and got jaden in the car and we just watched him from inside the car (I felt much safer) I wish so bad that i could have gotten a picture. We were so close to him I could have touched it. Anyways we had a great time camping and can't wait until we can go again.
Last night I was watching t.v. And when Brandon got out of the shower I heard him say "Jaden what are you doing?" so I was like oh great what did he do. Brandon came in and said "Did you see what Jaden did" I was like "no" "I don't want to know" Brandon made me go see what Jaden had done. I was relieved when i saw all of Brandon's shoes, and my shoes all lined up in our room. Speaking of shoes I just had to say how sad I am that Jaxon is missing one of his shoes. It just happens to be one of my favorite pair a cute little slip on camouflage shoe. I'm about 95% sure that Jaxon threw it away. Lately he's been throwing everything away. It seems that he's been trying real hard to throw away his squeaky shoes I found one in the garbage and Brandon found one in the garbage. He threw away the plug that goes to the tub, lots of toys that I didn't bother digging out, sippy cups, clothes. Just about anything he can get his hands on. Well I guess I've rambled enough I better go get something done.