Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I can hear you now

I feel like alot has happened since my last post. We Had Christmas the boys got kind of spoiled this year. Brandon got them BB Guns and camo coats so there all ready to go Hunting. Jaxon got a BBQ set and some play food. And Jaden got Some games for his DS and a remote helicopter. Also In December or maybe it was November anyways Don Heap got me an appointment to get my ears checked. (I'm so grateful for everything he has done because I would have never went and had it done my self)Anyways I got my ears checked and yeah I'm kind of deaf. I think everyone else always knew that I was deaf but for some reason I didn't think that they were very bad. So on the hearing chart they have Normal, moderate, and severe. My hearing starts out in the Moderate section and the higher the pitch the worse they get. I never got into the severe section though. So I have moderate hearing loss we don't really know what caused me to have bad ears. I think its probably just something that happened when I was born. Anyways they got some molds of my ears and about a month later I got my hearing aids. I've had them for a month now and I think I'm finally used to them. At first everything was SOOO loud! And I could only keep them in for a few hours and then my ears would start to hurt. (they go all the way inside my ear canal) Each day got better and better and now I can hear high pitch sounds and they don't hurt my ears. I can hear the oven beeping when the timer goes off, and my phone ringing, and the furnace I can hear it blowing air. My Ipod makes a beep when i plug it in, and the blinker in the car I never knew it was so loud. And the sirens I can hear them before there right next to me. Anyways its been amazing to hear things like everyone else. I have to thank Don and Deanna and my Parents for giving me this great gift. So onto Brandon he's been doing really well he's still working in construction and going to AA meetings every morning. He is now the Sunday School president for our ward. I love the changes that he's made and to see how happy he is. Jaden is doing really well in School he's starting to read little things like " A car, A tree,. Its amazing to me that he didn't even know the alphabet 5 months ago. Jaxon is getting big too. He's not getting into things as much anymore he likes to say the prayer at dinner and tell Jokes. He can already count to 10 and is learning his colors. Hum... I think that's all I have to say for now. The pictures are all at christmas except the one of my ear. I was trying to get a picture of my hearing aid but you can't see if very well. so yeah just enjoy the picture of my ear.