Monday, November 2, 2009

Oops I forgot to add these pictures to the last post


This year for Halloween we Had a little party. My parents, The Avery's and The Stillmans came over. We decorated pumpkins and made some Marshmallow witches. My mom made some delicious clam chowder and hot chocolate. Then we were off Trick or Treating. we had to watch Jaxon close because he kept trying to grab handfuls of candy. I Think that about covers all of our Halloween excitement. Oh our uncle mike dressed up as the Joker from the "Dark Night" he was pretty creepy he even had the creepy smile down.
Now for an update on the fam. Brandon started a new job about 3 weeks ago. He works for the Diamond Ranch Academy. Its a boys home in Hurricane. He likes it so far He works long shifts but then he gets like 4 days off. And he gets all the good stuff like over time, 401 K, insurance, He gets paid to sleep there, free meals, weekends off. I think the only downside is the drive but that's really not that big of deal. Since were both working alot we decided to put the boys in a day care. But they've only been once so far. So I guess will see how that goes. Jaden and Jaxon are still doing the things little boys do everyday. watch cartoons, dumping all the toys out and the occasional fights. Jaxon is still a little terror He has to be watched at all times. And that's not easy for me to do so the other day he got into my shave gel and had it all over his neck and face. I said "who did that" and he said "swiper did" for those of you who don't know who swiper is he is the fox on dora. And Me well I still work at smiths 33 hours a week and then I'm mom the rest of the time. But My mom sisters and I are planning a trip to Vegas to do a little Christmas shopping So I'm sooo excited for that Its the only little vacation I get all year and I'm very ready for it. And Our insurance has finally decided to pay on ALL of our hospital bills (only a year later) But I feel so much better knowing that we don't owe like 20,000. oh but my credit card they just decided to raise my interest rate to 23.99% I know that alot of the credit card companies are doing this. it just makes me mad because Its like I've had the credit card for like 6 years and I've made my payments every month and on time. But oh well I guess its just time to close the account. I guess that about does it for the last couple of months.