Sunday, April 11, 2010


Easter morning Jaden and Jaxon got up and found their Easter Baskets then we got ready and headed to Delta for the day. My mom had her Easter dinner and Egg Hunt ready when we got there. Since the weather was crappy we just hung out at my moms for a few hour's And then it was time to head back to Cedar. But everyone had a great time and can't wait until next year. Other then Easter we haven't done much, Oh we were with out a heater for about 9 days I was pretty mad about that. It all started on the 1st when I noticed that when our heater came on it smelled like melting plastic. Since we don't really know anything about heaters we decided to call someone to come look at it. The next day some dude from Cedar Valley Heating and Air came out. Sure enough he found a piece of plastic in there that was melting. So he removed what was left and then we had him service it. (big mistake) so he got it all cleaned (or what ever they do when they service it)and left. since it wasn't really cold that day we didn't realize until that night that the heater wasn't coming on. It was too late to call the guy so we just had to be cold that night. Just so everyone knows I strongly dislike being cold. I hate getting up in the morning to a freezing cold house. so i was not happy at all. OK back to my story so the guy came out the next day and said that some wire came apart or something so he fixed it and then left. I was at work and Brandon thinks its always hot so he usually has the heat turned down during the day. So once again we didn't realize until dark that it was cold in the house. Well now it's Easter weekend so we were just screwed. So we got to freeze over the weekend. So Monday we called them and told them it still isn't working. So the same idiot came out and said that some switch was broke and he couldn't get a part until the next day. (he was nice enough to bypass something so that we didn't have to freeze that night) so idiot came back the next day put the new part in and amazingly we had heat. 2 days later our heat won't come on again. So by this time I'm pretty pissed off. I was like OK the only thing that was wrong with the heater was melting plastic it was still working fine coming on and blowing warm air. Then this moron comes out and "service's" it and it hasn't worked since Obviously HE did something. we could call some one else to come look at it but then we have to pay who knows how much to fix some problem that we didn't even do. So I told Brandon to call them again and tell them to not send out the same moron. So finally a smart person came out and fixed what ever was wrong (I think) its only been 3 days. So ya sorry for the long boring story but for anyone that lives in Cedar I strongly advise if you have a heating or a/c problem don't call Cedar Valley heating and air. For some good news Jaxon is kinda potty training him self. If we let him run around without a diaper then he has no problem peeing or pooping in the toilet. But he has no desire to wear underwear or pull-ups. And if he has a diaper on then he See's no need to go potty in the toilet. But its definitely good. I'm so excited to think that maybe before he's even 3 we can be diaper free. After buying diapers for the last 6 years I'm pretty excited to know that were getting closer to being done with wiping poopie bums. And my little artist Jaden is getting so big. We got him registered for kindergarten. One of the things they did was to quiz the kids on colors and numbers and stuff. so when it was Jadens turn I was a little worried (he just likes to draw more then practice with the alphabet and numbers) but he did pretty good when the teacher pointed to the number 8 jaden said "that's a figure eight" He must have learned that from Grandpa Don. But I have to say I love Jaden's drawings. The other day he drew me sitting on the couch holding the remote and he even drew the checkered blanket I had. what a funny boy he got mad at me the other day so he drew a "no mom" sign. Well I guess I better go make some lunch. Jaden just informed me that he hasn't ate in days. (don't take that seriously we feed our kids every day I promise)

Poor Jaxon was freezing in this picture thanks to the moron who messed up our heater.

Jaxon was so tired that he fell asleep sitting up

this is Jaden's "no mom" picture

Jaden trying to be like his dad he had to draw some facial hair