Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bye Bye Bobo

Hum.....I don't really have anything exciting to say I just thought i would update my blog. It's almost spring and were just getting winter in. Getting sick of the snow why can't it snow when its supposed too? I think my last post was right before Christmas so I'll just go from there. I did get my Ugg boots I had to write them an e-mail. the first time they didn't respond. So I wrote them again and I wasn't nice they e-mailed me back the next day. Some how they got my money but not my order. Hummm I'm still wondering how that can happen. they got my money but had no idea what it was that i was ordering? Anyways so i e-mailed them again with the info on the boots i wanted. And then about a week later the UPS man came by and no one was here to sign for them. So they left a note that said they would re deliver. so I waited and waited and then i got an e-mail from the Ugg people and they were like ups tried to deliver now if you don't pick up your boots at the post office they will be sent back to us. I was like Oh my gosh are you kidding me. Stupid UPS said they would re deliver. so I had to hurry and go pick them up if I would have waited one more day they would have been sent back to freakin china. So I have learned from this don't order things from china and don't listen to UPS when they say that they will re deliver. Anyways we had a good Christmas and New years. Valentines day Me Brandon his brother Wes and wife Jennie went to st George and waited about and hour and half to eat at the olive garden. But it was worth it we had a good time. Now its almost St Patrick's day and Easter. I hope i can get Easter off work so We can go to my moms for her Easter Egg hunt. Oh and I can't wait for some corned beef and cabbage. I never had it until a couple years ago and now I love it. I suggest that everyone try it. Now i guess I'll get to the topic of my post. Just over a week ago our cat Bobo disappeared. I guess its a normal male cat thing to do. He wasn't "fixed" so i guess he went out looking for a female stray to hook up with. I guess its kinda my fault. Our home teacher is also a vet and he said that he could just come over to our house and do it ("fix" the cat)(I guess its not a major thing?)but now its to late. a couple days after he went missing I Sadly told Jaden that I don't think bobo is coming back. I was prepared for Jaden to be all sad and cry and then he said "well can we just get a new cat?" Then i was like "Uh Jaden we can't just replace bobo were not going to find another cat like bobo." I guess I was more attached to it then the boys were. I don't think Jaxon has even noticed that he's gone. Brandon even misses it and he's not much of a cat person. He really didn't like bobo at first he was like "I'm allergic to it" (I guess him being allergic to the cat just went away? or he was just making it up)anyways we both got really attached to it. Brandon was like " I can't believe that i miss that stupid cat." But I've seen him get excited when he thinks that bobo came home. the other day this other black cat was in our garage and Brandon was like "BO BO" (in an excited voice)then it ran off so I know it wasn't him. then he heard a cat meowing outside the door so he ran over and opened it only to see Bobo's girlfriend. all these stupid stray cat's coming over giving us false hope. So that's the story of our missing cat. And that's about all the news I have. But hopefully spring will come and we can get our garden started and Jaden is signed up for t-ball so hopefully will have some good things to talk about in the next post. That's all I got for now. Sorry to bore you all with my cat pictures. This is just my tribute to him i guess so I can let go of our beloved Bobo.