Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Fun

Today we went and bought a little plastic pool. We put Jaden's little slide in it. Then Jaden's cousin's came over and we had a little pool party. All the boys had so much fun! They were all a little shy about going down the slide at first but after they went down they loved it. Jaxon wasn't quite sure he was standing in the pool and fell on his butt. And after that he was done. So he just relaxed on his blanket and watched everyone slide. So Jaden is still not potty trained I've decided to just forget about it for a couple months and then I'll try again. Its just so weird to me that It doesn't bother him at all to sit in his messy, stinky diaper how can that feel good?? It doesn't bother him if his diaper is sagging to the floor either. Usually when he gets up in the morning we change his diaper (he usually doesn't even want to be changed but we make him. So the other day I decided to see how long he would tolerate his wet diaper. He got up at like 8 and I don't think we changed him until about 4 that afternoon. His diaper looked like a thong here's the picture.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lazy summer days

So I haven't done any Posting for a while, Mostly because we haven't done anything to exciting. In a couple weeks my parents are going camping and its the 4th of July (my favorite holiday) so hopefully I'll have some cute pictures and fun story's to tell. The weather is finally starting to feel like summer so I'm very excited about that. The boys love going outside, unfortunately we have no fenced in yard So i can't just let them go play. I have to go out with them and follow them around. Seriously there is no sitting down both my boys have an obsession with the road as soon as i put Jaxon down he heads for the road. So most of these pictures are of Jaden and Jaxon playing outside with there cousin's. There are a couple pictures of Jaden one of them he is holding a big clump of cookie dough. The other is of his shiny greasy face. He got into the cookie dough while i was in the shower and was playing with it like it was play dough. Oh and then there's a picture of my nephew Aiden. The poor kid fell while leaveing my house and got this sore on his head. OUCH!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

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