Monday, November 24, 2008


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Four things I love about my Hubby:

1.Hard worker
2.Great cook
3.does laundry,and cleans
4.he love's everyone (I've never heard him talk bad about anyone)

Four Jobs I've had:

2.Cashier at Home Depot (for 2 weeks does that count)
3.Cashier at Smiths

Four Movie's Watched More Than Once:

1.Iron Man
2.Night at the Museum
3.The Grinch who stole Christmas
4.The little mermaid

Four TV Shows I Watch:

1. Survivor
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Big Brother
4. Danceing with the stars

Four Places I've Been


Four Places I've lived:

3.Cedar City

Four Favorite Foods:

1. Pizza
2. Shrimp/Crab
3. Homemade soups
4. anything sweet

Four Places I'd Like to Visit

3.New York

Four People I Tag:


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My salt lake trip

This weekend I went to Salt Lake with my parents and sisters. My dad had an EMT convention up there and had a free Hotel room. So its become a tradition that me and my sisters go up there and go Christmas shopping. (while my dad is at his conventions all day) So my sisters and I drove to delta on Thursday and picked up my mom and then headed to salt lake. We stayed at the Shilo Inn (I don't recommend this Hotel)this is the second year that we've had to stay there. The first year I was the only one who went and we stayed at the Grand America Hotel it was the nicest hotel that I have ever stayed at. well the next year we stayed at the Little America it wasn't as nice as the Grand America but it wasn't bad. Then the last two years we've had to stay at the Shilo Inn. Let me just say that hotel needs a lot of improvements. First of all there were no parking spots. They probably have like oh 900 rooms and about 40 parking spaces. So the last night there we had to pay 8.00 to park across the street. Then there shower sucked, the water just trickled out of the shower head. And you had to wait about 10 min for the water to get warm, There Hot tub was broken, The wireless Internet didn't work, And the remote didn't work. But i guess I can't complain since we stayed there for free. And we still had a good time. I took my camera but didn't even take any pictures until our last day when we were heading home. There was just so much to do and not enough time to do it in. But we did make it to the Gateway, Modern Display, Cabellas, Trolley Square, and Target. And I'm very Happy to say that I got most of my Christmas shopping done. I think we all had a great time and I can't wait until next time. Oh and I have to thank BECKY and ROCHELLE for making it possible for me to go. They watched my kids while I was gone. You guys don't know how much I appreciate that. Here's the few pictures that I got. I took some on my cell phone but i don't know how to put them on here so these will have to do.

Cool I got the pictues off my cell phone to work there not the best quaility but I think there cool because we were by the fountains

Sunday, November 2, 2008


For Halloween my parents were down so we just had a little family party. I think all the kids had a pretty fun time. We tried to make home made root beer (it didn't taste very good though) It said on the back of the root beer bottle to put club soda in it. well I guess your not supposed to your just supposed to put the water, sugar and dry ice in. Oh well now i know for next time. Oh and I made my first pie ever. I made a sour cream apple pie. I'm not even a very big apple pie fan but it was pretty good. Jaden didn't really want to be Iron man but he did put his costume on for a few pictures. And Ashton (nikki's boy) wanted nothing to do with his green dragon costume he never even tried it on. So he and Jaden traded costumes so Jaden was Iron Man and a green dragon. And Jaxon didn't like the costume's I had for him either I had a lion or a dog they both had a hood on them and he hated that. but I did get a picture of him crying with the lion costume on. So he ended up being a red M&M. We didn't even go trick or treating. Brandon and I both had to work that day and after the party we were to pooped to take the kids out. But they didn't seem to mind to much. It makes me a little sad that people don't "trick or treat" anymore. Lots of people just go to the trick or trunk thing. I guess its a safer way. Its just sad that you can't trust what people are going to give your kids. Anyways i guess the kids have fun no matter what. Oh and one more thing that happened on Halloween. On an earlier post I told everyone about Jaxon losing my Credit, Debit card, and 60.00 in cash. Well I found it. Jaxon was getting into everything so i went to see what he was doing and he had pulled the drawer that's under the stove out. (you know how stove's have that compartment on the bottom of them?) anyways that's where i found my melted cards and my burned money just the corners of the money were burned so we were able to still use the cash. Anyways here's some pictures of our Halloween night.

My melted cards and burned cash