Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nylon Heads

I've been debating weather or not i should put these pictures on here but I finally decided what the heck. So I have to warn you there kinda scary so if you don't like scary things then don't scroll down to the pictures. Now here's the story. In middle school me suz, and becky thought it was funny to put nylons on our heads. It really was entertaining. So then the other day I was chasing the boys around with a blanket over my head. and Jaden was like "your a scary monster" so then the nylon idea popped into my head. and I was all do you want me to be a real scary monster" and he was like YEAH! so I was like ok. I knew that when they saw me with a nylon on my head they were going to freak out. But I did it anyway. I know I'm mean I still act like a kid sometimes. At first Jaxon was laughing and then when Jaden saw he freaked out just like i knew he would so then Jaxon started getting scared too. But then I showed Jaden that it was just a mask or nylon and then he thought that it was kinda cool so he wanted to try it on. so i was like ok. Oh my gosh it was kinda freaking me out. but i had to get a picture of it so I took the picture and then showed it to him. He didn't like it so much I'm definitely thinking that he will never put a nylon on his head again. Then we had to have Brandon and Jaxon try it out. Brandon didn't look as scary and Jaxon only had it on for a few seconds. Ok so prepare your self if your brave then scroll down. This is your final WARNING!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hooray for my boys

HOORAY for JADEN!! My last post It ended with Jaden on the toilet (hopefully going #2) Well it didn't happen I put him on the toilet all day and he couldn't go (he was constipated) So the next day Jaden wasn't feeling good at all his stomach hurt and he didn't want to eat anything and he had like 3 naps. So i knew that something wasn't right with him he doesn't have naps anymore unless he's sick. So i knew we had to get his poop out so i was putting fiber in his milk all day and still he didn't go so then at like 3:30 that night i woke up and heard Brandon talking to Jaden so i went to see what was going on. And Jaden was on the toilet trying to poop. He's been constipated many times before but this was probably the worst that I have ever seen. It broke my heart that he was hurting so bad and i couldn't help him. so we had him on the toilet and then he would cry and say that he just wanted to go to bed. So finally we decided that we had to use a suppository. I put the first one in and he pushed it right out so then Brandon put the next one in and a few minutes later he got it out. So then I had to buy him a toy after going through all that and he did get it out in the toilet. so i went and got him this spiderman toy that he's been wanting. Well the next day i got home from work and Jaden thought i got him another toy. I told him he only got toys if he went poop in the toilet. Well Brandon gave in and took him to the store to get a toy but Jaden had to promise that he would go on the toilet. I really didn't think he would since he had a bad experience last time. But they got home and about 20 min later Jaden started yelling "I have to poop, I have to poop" so we ran him in and he went with no problem. I was so proud of him but I still was thinking "don't get your hopes up" but he went again today so I think he's finally getting the hang of it. I'm so proud of him I was so worried that he was going to have to go to school in a pull-up. Way to go Jaden! I'm also very proud of Brandon. He's been going through the biggest challenge of his life. Its been 2 months ago today that he had his snowboarding accident. The accident that saved his life. His accident made him realize that life's to short. And that he didn't want to keep living his life the way that he was. He's struggled with Alcohol and drugs since he was 12 or 13. So for the last 19 years Alcohol and drugs were his life. Well i could go on and on But I'm So proud of him I know that it hasn't been easy. But I know that he can do it. Well i have to go so HOORAY for JADEN and BRANDON. WE LOVE YOU

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hum...... so i have nothing exciting to write about its still snowing outside I'm getting sick of that. I look at all these other blogs and see all these fun thing's people are doing and I'm like wow I'm boring. All my weeks are the same If I'm not at work then I'm at home picking up toys. But Monday Tuesday and now Thursday's are special days. Monday I get to watch the Bachelor Tuesday is the biggest loser and now on Thursday is Survivor. yes those are the things that i look forward to every week. Oh and ER is on tonight too George Clooney is supposed to be making an appearance sometime I don't want to miss that one. Anyways so I've been telling Jaden that will do something fun so yesterday we went to Wal-Mart!! yep that's right wal-mart. I strongly dislike the place but Jaden has fun playing in the Arcade part. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on this exciting trip but I did get a picture of jaden sitting by Ronald McDonald. Oh my heck I don't know how i forgot about this exciting event. Jaden went #2 in the toilet a few days ago that was a huge thing for us. he's been having a hard time going #2 in the toilet so this is hopefully going to be a big step for him. I'm trying not to get my hope's up since its only happened once but he's on the toilet right now so we might be making some progress. Jaxon gets pretty excited about the toilet too after Jaden went Jaxon had to sit on the toilet and pretend that he was going to. I love the picture of him on the toilet "pushing" Oh we have valentines day in a couple days that might be an exciting day for me AT WORK. Ok well I think that about wraps up our excitement for the week. I better go check on Jaden

Jaxon "pushing"