Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Falling off blog planet

Its been a while since I last up-dated my blog so here's a little update. I picked up an extra day at work so now I only get 2 days off so I don't have to much time to blog. We got a new addition to the family His name is Bobo. He's a cute little black kitten. he's been keeping us entertained he plays with the boys really well. Brandon has been busy working, golfing, doing work in the yard, driving me and the boys around. Yeah My car broke down about 2 months ago and its sucked. It took like 3 weeks just to find out what was wrong with the thing and then we found out that it needed a new engine well my car isn't worth putting a new engine in it, so its still sitting at the auto place. So we've spent alot of time just driving each other around. But thanks to my parents they got a new car so they gave me there old one. Its sooooo nice having my own car again for me to know that I'm not stuck home all day is a great feeling. Jaden is getting bigger every day he's getting pretty good at riding his scooter and he's getting excited to start school (were hoping that he gets into the head start program) and he's very excited to get his new trampoline it should be coming tomorrow (hopefully) I'm probably more excited about it then he is My dad would never let us have one so the little kid in me is like "yes finally my own trampoline" Jaxon is still into everything, after one of his messes I remembered to grab the camera first. so the pictures I'm going to put up are of him getting into the Ranch dip. We took the boys swimming with the Avery's and the Stillmans a couple weeks ago. And they loved it we went to the pool in st george, yes we drove to st george to go swimming at there pool. For those of you who have been to the cedar pool know that it SUCKS! the only place for little kids to play on is the ramp that goes down into the water. Anyways we all had a fun time at the st george pool I even took Jaxon down the big slid and he loved it. He was shivering the whole time but he was loving every minute. But he's also getting so big he's talking really well and catches onto things really quick. And me well hum.... I feel like I just work and check on the Garden. I am obsessed with our Garden we planted it right before mothers day and almost everything died we had about 4 tomato plants live. And we had planted cucumbers, yellow crookneck, golden squash, and zucchini and they all died. So I went and bought some more tomato plants and then some cucumber and squash seeds. Well everything we planted from seed is coming up and I'm so excited I'm crazy I know but everyday i see a new plant coming up and its a happy feeling. I get all excited to get up in the morning to see it anything new came up. And today I noticed that we have some apples on the tree's and some peaches on the peach trees. Hum.... I think that about wraps up the last month. now i must go get some cleaning done oh one more thing that really bugs me. were only supposed to water on odd days and not between the hours of 8am and 8pm so i guess that means the kids can't play in the water during the hot summer days and I only get like an hour to water before it gets dark. Is that stupid or what I know we have to conserve water But hey I'm just trying to "go green" I have to keep my plants watered for them to live. So of course I'm going to be breaking the rule's until we get in trouble. And then I'm going to say "sorry man I was just trying to "go green"