Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well I guess its time for my monthly update. So far this month we've had the 4th of July (my favorite Holiday) My Birthday and next is Jaxon's birthday. For the 4th of July we headed to delta to watch the parade have our bbq swim and do fire works. The boys even got to see all of the parade this year. No one got locked in the car so that was good. After the Parade we went to my mom and dads and had our bbq Then we got the slip n slide and pool out. I decided that next year I'm takeing my swim suit and am joining in on the fun. Both Jaden and Jaxon are pretty good slip n sliders. Then we just hung out until it was dark enogh to do the fireworks. It was a pretty fun 4th next year we might even go to the Demoliton Derby. Then for my big 28th birthday well it was a good day. We didn't really do anything got some Papa Erphy's (papa Murphys)But Jaden calles it papa erphys. And now I'm just trying to get ready for the boys birthdays. Oh I got them a trampoline its supposed to be for their birthday but we had to put it up as soon as we got it. I think I like It as much as they do. I can't wait until we can sleep outside on it. I just have to convince Jaden that he won't get eaten by mosquitos. Our Garden is finally starting to grow stuff. Were getting a bunch of little tomatos. And we've picked some big Radishes and today I picked a few peas. So I'm pretty excited about that. Oh I'm very excited about this. Jaxon is really starting to like Cartoons now. He'll sit and watch t.v. now. I Know that's probably not a good thing But I really couln't be happier. Its so nice to be able to actually get some things done now. I don't have to worry as much that he's getting into stuff. I wish i would have written down all the things that kid has done. He has ruined aboutu 4 of my tubes of Mascara he thinks its a marker I guess and draws on the back of the chair, he got into the bottle of tums, vitamines, My sisters midol, he dumped about a half bottel of syrup on the floor, he got into the garage and got a gallon of paint and some how got the lid off and decided to dump it out on the carpet. I bet he's ruined at least 10 of brandons tubes of chapstick. he's squished all the tooth paste on the floor Oh and the icy hot I think he thought that was toothpast too and tried eating it and then came running in sticking his tounge out saying "hot" I think you all get the point I could go on and on. So now maybe you can kind of understand why I'm pretty excited that he'll actually sit and watch cartoons. Now I'm just kind of Rambeling so I guess thats all I have to say for my post for this month.

I think this picture is funny. Jaxon and Ashton were pouting and didn't want to watch the parade so my dad was trying to convince them to join everyone and watch the parade