Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tag your it

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was a sophmore in high school failed cosmetalogy that year (I hated the class so bad so i never went). I had to go to summer school because of that. Hanging out with polly and Becky dragging main.

What are 5 things on my to do list today?
clean house
go to the bank
go to the store
go to the wizz (to find a halloween costume)
make dinner

What are my 5 favorite snacks? (in no particular order)
OHHH that's a hard one I love just about any kind of snack
lately I've really loved these honeycrisp apples (there expensive though like 2.00 an apple)
any kind of chocolate (except dark yuck)
thoese little kraft cheese and breadsticks
any kind of chips
any kind of candy

What 5 things would I do if I were a millionaire?
get out of debt
buy a new house
buy a new car
give some to my family

5 places I have lived:
Delta UT
Provo UT (for like a summer)
Cedar City UT

5 jobs I have had:
Janitor at the Delta Middle School
I worked at Home Base for like 2 week's (does that count)
smiths (I've been there for 8 years now)
5 people I tag:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

one cute blue eyed boy and his cute dad (wearing some cool velcro shoes)

The other day Jaxon was in the best mood He loved having his picture taken. he was even saying "cheese" And all the pictures were so cute so i just kept taking more. So of course I have to post a few. And I just had to put the pictures of Brandon and his awesome shoes on here.
A few week's ago Brandon went to hatch to pick up the boys who had been staying there for a few days. Well one day Brandon took Jaden duck hunting and they got there shoes all muddy so Brandon borrowed some from his dad to wear home. I don't know if Brandon picked this pair out him self or if his dad told him to take them. So when i came home from work I was like "cool shoes" he told me that he had just borrowed them since his were all muddy. Well then I noticed that he kept Waring them around (even out in public). So i was like your really like those shoes huh? And he was like yeah there comfortable and they were his grandpa Heap's. they even have his grandpa's initials on the back of them. So I was like ok well that's good his awesome Velcro shoe's have a meaning to them. So I'm not embarrassed for him anymore. Who knows maybe he'll bring them back into style. Actually I don't think Velcro shoes were ever in style. Anyways look for yourself and you'll see how hot he looks in his Velcro shoe's.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

what a stinker

So about a week ago I was changing my clothes to go to work. (so Jaxon was left in the other room for maybe 5 min) Well when i came into the living room I saw that Jaxon had got my purse off the table and had everything thrown everywhere. Everything was out of my wallet scattered all over. Well i was in a hurry so i just put everything back in my purse and left for work. Well when i was leaving work (witch is at midnight) I was going to go get some gas and noticed that my credit card, debit card, 60.00 cash was missing. So i just assumed that it was at home. Well i got home and it was no where to be found. I seriously looked everywhere. I looked in the trash, under the couches, the oven, the dishwasher, Jadens room, Jaxons room. well you get the point. Every place that i know Jaxon can get into I looked. The only thing that I can think of is he threw it down the toilet. At first I didn't think that those things would go down the toilet but I remember that Jaden had once flushed a candle lid down the toilet. So I'm thinking that it is possible. Anyways so I've been going crazy with out having a way to get money out of my account. I have to write checks everywhere and lots of places don't even accept checks anymore. So i went to the Bank to order a new debit card and that was a nightmare. I went to the teller and told her i needed a new debit card. she said "OK well bob (I don't remember his real name) will have to help you with that." Well Bob was busy with another customer so the lady told us to have a seat and he would be right with us. The lady gave the boys a sucker but when the suckers were gone the boys were getting pretty sick of sitting there so then some other lady came out and gave them another sucker. well when that was gone the boys patience had run out. Jaxon wanted to run all over so he was screaming for me to put him down and Jaden was getting upset because i wouldn't let him climb on the chairs. So i was just about ready to leave when "Bob" came over and asked what I needed. I told him that i needed a new debit card and he was like "oh well they can help you over there" since he was still with this other customer he sent me to the SAME LADY that had told me I needed to wait for "Bob". I was soooo mad now i was finally being helped but my kids were not being any better. So then i had to wait for her to call some number and have them send me a new card. Obviously this lady had no idea what the heck she was doing so I won't be surprised if i never get my new debit card. I did learn something from this though I'll be going to the other zions bank from now on. I still have not found the 60.00 cash or the cards. I've asked Jaden if he's seen them and he kept telling me that Brandon had took them. Brandon likes to take the cash out of my wallet so then when i go to get it and its not there I'm like "oh great your dad took my money again" So Jaden is so sure that Brandon took my money. Maybe one day it will all turn up. Well i don't really have any pictures that go along with this story so here's just some random pictures.

This picture I posed the boys I told them to put there arms around one another. I think it turned out pretty cute. so I told them to do the same thing in the second picture and they ended up holding hands. They couldn't figure out how to put there arms around each other so i guess they just decided to hold hands instead.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A lonnnng post

Woohoo So I finally have the internet again and I'm soo excited. So for thoes of you who didn't know we moved into our first new home well its not new it was built in 1995. but its new for us and its so much better then where we were liveing before. We had a few problems at first but I think now things are finally comeing together. So i have to tell everyone my long story about the whole internet. We called Qwest and told them that we were moveing and we wanted to TRANSFER our internet and phone to our new address they said ok. So then we were moveing in and Qwest came to set up the phone and internet and they informed us that we had damaged phone lines. And in order for them to fix the problem they were going to have to dig a trench in our back yard to put new lines in. so they gave us temporary service for 30 days until we decided what to do. so i was like Ok well we don't have money to fix that right now and we don't even need the stupid phone we just thought we had to have the phone line so we could have the internet. So then i was like Ok there has to be a way to get the internet without haveing a phone line. so i called up qwest and asked them and the lady said that where we live it was required that we have a phone line. So I was like ok she was like i can get you the basic phone line and you can try it out and if you don't like it then you can cancel so I said ok. Well she never told me that we could only get dial up where we live she just said that its required that we have a phone line. so she said that we would have the internet on like the 26th or something. well the 26th finally came and the internet was still not working and our caller ID and voice mail stopped working. So I called qwest up again and they said you should have gotten the dvd in the mail to set up your dial up connection. I was like "WHAT?" DIAL-UP CONNECTION? she was like yeah then she goes on to tell me that they don't offer high speed out here. I was like ok well I would at least like to get my caller ID and voice mail working again. so she put the caller ID and Voice mail back on (oh and i guess she decided to add on long distance) Oh i forgot to say about fixing the phone lines. we found out that we wouldn't have to pay anything to get them fixed so we had the fugal people come out and dig the trench and fix the lines. well when they dug the trench they dug through our sprinking system. so After all of this I just couldn't deal with anything anymore. so about 3 weeks later I finally called Qwest again and told them to take off the long distace and cancel the stupid dial up (that i wasn't useing anyway) we decided to keep the phone line just so that we don't have to give our cell phone numbers out to everyone and its just kind of nice haveing a home phone. Anyways so i decided to get internet through Bresnan and its all through the cable lines. and I works great. so I'm really sure that all of you wanted to know the whole long story about the internet. so now I'll fill you all in on the more interesting things. Since we bought our house I decided that I needed to pick up an extra day at work since I was one day short of getting insurance anyways I thought it was something that I needed to do. so I had them schedule me a night shift. Well lucky for me they decided to schedule me 2 night shifts a week. So I've been busy working about 33 hours a week and I'm finally started to get used to it. Its a big change for me to go from 18 hours a week up to 33. So I've just been busy with work and watching the boys nothing to exciting about me. And Brandon has been keeping busy too (which I'm so gratefull for) he's building a big cabin right now in Brian Head. And Jaden well he started peeing in the toilet about 3 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier about that. He still poops in his underwear though that really sucks. Jaden is also getting excited for halloween he's going to be Iron Man (weather he likes it or not)he wanted to be a knight so I got him a knight costume well he didn't want to do that anymore so at wal-mart he found an Iron man costume that he really wanted so i got it for him and on the way home he started crying because he wanted to be Bat Man. I was like sorry your going to be Iron Man. And Jaxon he's getting so big he's starting to say more words and he is quite the adventerous kid. He love getting into the toilet, unlocking the dishwasher so that he can pull out all the dishes. and opening the oven door so that he can help him self to our dinner, and throwing the couch cushins off the couch. He difinatly keeps me on my toes. Well I think that about sums up the last couple of months. So here's the pictures of the house and just some cute ones of the boys.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

missing the internet

some of you might be wonder why i haven't posted for a while. well for thoes of you who didn't know we moved. everything was supposed to be transfered to our new house. well our phone worked but no internet. so i called qwest and they forgot to transfer the internet instead they disconnected it. so then they told me that it would be working on the 29th of sep. well it didn't so i called again and they were like Oh "you didn't get the disc in the mail? I was like yeah i got a disc and they told me that i just had to put the disc in and download it. well the disc is for dial-up. so i called them and they said High speed isn't available where you live. So I'm like ok well I'm not haveing dial up. So that's were I'm at right now I'm waiting to get my new cell phone (witch will be the end of this month) and then I'm going to see if i can get the internet through verizon. Anyways sorry i have no new pictures and nothing exciting hopefully the end of the month I'll have internet again. And i can put some pictures of our new house up. hope everyone is doing well. Were doing well. I've been busy working. I've had about 33 hours a week. and Brandon has been busy too. Jaden is peeing in the toilet (hooray) he still poops in his pants though. and Jaxon has been busy exploring everything that he can. We love our new house it has so much more room then we had befor and a big back yard to play in. well i gotta go so hopefully i get get through one more month of no internet. I'll try and keep everyone posted.