Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I can hear you now

I feel like alot has happened since my last post. We Had Christmas the boys got kind of spoiled this year. Brandon got them BB Guns and camo coats so there all ready to go Hunting. Jaxon got a BBQ set and some play food. And Jaden got Some games for his DS and a remote helicopter. Also In December or maybe it was November anyways Don Heap got me an appointment to get my ears checked. (I'm so grateful for everything he has done because I would have never went and had it done my self)Anyways I got my ears checked and yeah I'm kind of deaf. I think everyone else always knew that I was deaf but for some reason I didn't think that they were very bad. So on the hearing chart they have Normal, moderate, and severe. My hearing starts out in the Moderate section and the higher the pitch the worse they get. I never got into the severe section though. So I have moderate hearing loss we don't really know what caused me to have bad ears. I think its probably just something that happened when I was born. Anyways they got some molds of my ears and about a month later I got my hearing aids. I've had them for a month now and I think I'm finally used to them. At first everything was SOOO loud! And I could only keep them in for a few hours and then my ears would start to hurt. (they go all the way inside my ear canal) Each day got better and better and now I can hear high pitch sounds and they don't hurt my ears. I can hear the oven beeping when the timer goes off, and my phone ringing, and the furnace I can hear it blowing air. My Ipod makes a beep when i plug it in, and the blinker in the car I never knew it was so loud. And the sirens I can hear them before there right next to me. Anyways its been amazing to hear things like everyone else. I have to thank Don and Deanna and my Parents for giving me this great gift. So onto Brandon he's been doing really well he's still working in construction and going to AA meetings every morning. He is now the Sunday School president for our ward. I love the changes that he's made and to see how happy he is. Jaden is doing really well in School he's starting to read little things like " A car, A tree,. Its amazing to me that he didn't even know the alphabet 5 months ago. Jaxon is getting big too. He's not getting into things as much anymore he likes to say the prayer at dinner and tell Jokes. He can already count to 10 and is learning his colors. Hum... I think that's all I have to say for now. The pictures are all at christmas except the one of my ear. I was trying to get a picture of my hearing aid but you can't see if very well. so yeah just enjoy the picture of my ear.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Well we just had thanksgiving a few weeks ago. This year we went to Salt Lake and had thanksgiving with the Heap side. Everyone had a pretty good time and I think almost everyone was there It seemed like it didn't last long enough though but we still all had a good time and Enjoy all the time that were able to spend with the family. After we ate dinner we headed to Delta to my parents house and had some of there thanksgiving left overs and then Me and my sister took the little kids to see santa the next morning. I was excited to see what the kids were going to ask for because Jaden wouldn't tell me he just kept saying that I have to wait and see. So when Jaden got up on santa's lap he told him that he wanted a Teddy Bear! I was like a Teddy Bear? are you serious? my 6 year old wants a teddy bear. So I'm like ok what ever that should be easy to get. And then Jaxon got up and he told santa that he wanted a bag of candy. I'm like sweet Christmas will be easy this year. I've had MY Christmas presents for like a week now I got a fun new Nikon camera and some new pillows and a memory foam mattress. I know how exciting new pillows and a Mattress pad thing. But i love the new mattress its a little firm at first but then you slowly sink into it. And the pillows there ok better then what we had before but nothing to really brag about. So Yeah I think were about all ready for Christmas. This week I'm going to my traditional Christmas shopping trip with my mom and sisters so I'm looking forward to that. OK well I guess I have to go now Jaxon is needing attention. so here's some pictures OH yeah I'm so mad my battery died right before we were going to eat thanksgiving dinner so I don't have any pictures of that but I did get a picture of Camille's trampoline with all the snow on it. I just couldn't belive that all the snow broke the trampoline I just had to get a picture of it unfortunatly that was the only picture I got on Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Well I don't really have anything to say I'm just bored. I've already checked my facebook,e-mail,and Iron County bookings so I guess I'll give an update. Oh for anyone wondering what the Iron County bookings is well Its a site that I'm obsessed with It shows you all the people that got arrested in Iron County it has the mug shot, and what they did and there bail and all that. I really like it because it has alot of people on it that shop at smiths. So I like to see who's a thief and who might write a bad check. Oh and every once in a while there's employee's on there that's always interesting. Anyways so as for my update I'm pretty boring I really have nothing exciting to say about my self. Brandon just finished his last day of rehab today so that's exciting were proud of him. Its been a long 6 months but I know it will be worth it in the end. So he'll be needing a job in about a week if anyone knows of anything please let us know. Jaden is doing good in school we had kind of a crappy start but things are good now. He also lost his first tooth so that was kind of exciting Both of the boys have been on a swearing kick lately I don't know where its coming from. I don't use foul language and Brandon's not here that much only on weekends. So I'm blaming it on School and daycare. Jaden got a part for the primary program so the first day he got it I bugged him all day to say his part. he got it memorized But he's pretty sick of me asking him to "say his part" So the other day I said "Jaden say your part" and he said "WE PRAY DAILY FOR THE PROPHET, FOR G**D'S SAKE!" So yeah I haven't really been asking him to say his part since then. Anyways Jaxon is still a handful I was thinking that when he turned 3 our terrible 2's would be over. Hum.... I'm trying to think of something cute or funny that he's done and I have nothing. Well I guess if you think that writing all over the walls, getting into the eggs and throwing them on the patio,squirting out all the shampoo and soap in the tub, asking me if fawk is a bad word,spraying a can of hairspray through out the house,climbing in the sink and spraying water all over. is funny well then I guess I'm glad that someone thinks its funny. He was a pretty cute Mario for Halloween though he wasn't very happy when it was time to put his costume on so I only got like one picture of him. But they had a fun Halloween we had a party with my family and then did a little trick or treating. And that brings me up to date I guess. here's some random pictures for ya. Oh yeah and I am aware that my title has absolutely nothing to do with my post. I just thought I would use one of the "Labels for this post" I guess I better go Jaxon is throwing the couch cushions off. (surprise surprise)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My big boy Jaden

After reading my last post It made me decide that I'm ready for another vacation. Work SUCKS after 10 years of the same thing I guess I'm just getting burned out? It's really no that bad I'm greatfull that I have a job and that i get insurance and vacation time and all that. I just wish that I could stay home and tell Jaden's freakin teacher that he'll ride the bus home every flippin day. Yes Jaden had his first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday so far he love's it. Me its kinda a big pain in my butt. Since at my awesome work place I never have a set schedule things are different everyday. So some days my kids go to the baby sitters and some days they go to day care and on my 2 days off a week there home with me. So at Jaden's assesment when his teacher has me fill in the paper about how he was going to get home from school everyday I was like OHH dear. So I told her that "I don't work a set schedule and its differnet all the time" She said "Ok" so I was assuming that things were all ok. Well today while I was at work I missed a call from her she wanted to know If Jaden was going to ride the bus home or day care was picking him up. I noticed that she called before Jaden's class even started so I was like "Oh she didn't get the note yet" They sent a paper home with Jaden that said if the kids were going to be picked up from school that they needed a note otherwise they would be sent home one the bus. So I sent a note with him saying that someone would pick him up. Well now I'm getting off work and I go pick the boys up from the babysitter and I ask if Jaden got picked up ok. His baby sitter says yes and that she told the teacher about the note in his backpack (allowing her to pick him up)So i was like ok everything went good. Well on my way home I noticed that I had missed another call from his teacher saying that she needs to know if he's going to be rideing the bus home or his day care picking him up she doesn't want any confusion. So I look into Jaden's backpack and the note is still there along with another paper that i had sent with him. So she obviously didn't even look into his folder. So on her second message she wanted me to call her back and leave a message. So I call her back and the phone rings about 5 times and then just hangs up. It didn't even give me a chance to leave a message. So as you can tell I'm annoyed with his teacher right now. Maybe it's me and I'm the one being difficult and confusing. But there is one thing that I think is werid why didn't she look into his folder?? They send home all these papers to join the PTA or order school shirt or to get permission to have your kid take flouride. So I fill then out and send them back and they are still sitting in his folder. Anyways wow I'm glad I got that off my chest. So Jaden had his 6th birthday on Aug 18 we had a little party with his cousins and he got his DS that he's been wanting. So it was a pretty good party everyone had fun. And his first day of school was pretty good except the bus didn't really know where to drop him off. the passed our house and stopped at the end of our street but he made it home and love's school (so far) I'm sure I have more storys but Jaxon is bugging me to watch a movie on the computer so this will have to be the end of this post. until next time.

sorry the picture is sideways I don't know how to fix it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

3 weeks of vacation

I've had the last 3 weeks off work. So we have been pretty busy I tried fitting in as much as I could into 3 weeks. My first week off we celebrated the 4th of July in Delta with my family. We got up and went to the parade and Then went to my moms house and let the kids play in the water and had our traditional BBQ. I was thinking about taking the boys the the derby (I haven't went for at least 6 years) so I wanted to take the boys. But i guess the derby is a pretty big thing I guess you had to get your tickets in advance this year and they sold out like a week or two before the 4th. So maybe next year we can go. Then we ended the night lighting fireworks and watching the city fireworks. It was another great 4th. Then we spent some time in Salt Lake visiting Brandon (I think that the few people that read my blog already know whats been going on with Brandon)If someone has been left out then e-mail me and I can get you up to date) Then we celebrated my birthday. I spent part of the day in Salt Lake I took the boys shopping with me to the mall. That didn't last to long. I didn't have a stroller for Jaxon and Jaden just couldn't hold his bag anymore it was to much pressure. So I think we were only there for maybe an hour. Then we went to delta and I took the boys swimming at the pool. I'm sad that every time we went swimming I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any pictures for that. After our trip to delta and salt lake we headed home for a few days cleaned the house, did some more swimming and then we went to Hatch for the Heap family reunion. The boys had a blast playing with all there cousins. Jeff and Ashley were in charge this year. They did a great job they had a little carnival set up for the kids. And the talent show (I didn't have my camera for that either) Jaden was the performer from our family. Most of the kids got up and did a dance they had been working on. We heard that Dynamite song probably a 100 times. But Jaden didn't want to dance with the rest of the kids. He wanted to do the "robot" by him self. After the reunion we went back up to Salt Lake to see Brandon one more time before I had to go back to work. We also had a pre birthday party for Jaxon. I have to give a HUGE thanks to Camille. She made sure that we had a good time. She took us to the Mayan its a restaurant that looks like your in a jungle and every half hour they have people do tricks and dive into the water. Its pretty cool the boys loved it. Then we went and spent a couple hours visiting with Brandon. The next day we went to a splash park it was a good and fun way to cool off. After that we went to Chuck E Cheese and had a party for Jaxon. My camera was dead by the time we got to Chuck E Cheese so no pictures for that either. The kids didn't understand the ticket thing though. Jaden would leave his tickets and just couldn't stop playing games to go get his prize. But they still had fun. And Jaxon really got into the games. Literally he got into the game. We noticed that we hadn't seen Jaxon for a while so we went looking for him and his aunt Natalie found him stuck in a game. He climbed into this big shoe and couldn't get out. When Natalie found him he said " can you help me get out? I'm stuck in this big shoe" Poor little guy he ripped his shorts trying to get out. Oh well they had fun and thats all that matters. Thanks Camille and Natalie for giving him a birthday party. Then we spent the night in Delta and headed back to cedar the next morning for Another Birthday party for Jaxon. Thanks to Rochelle for making him a cake. We had a water gun/balloon fight and had some cake and ice cream. We had another fun day. With only 2 more days of my vacation left I'm sad but also happy that we got to do alot of fun things. Tomorrow is the 24th of July so maybe we can have one more great day. My mom is going to come down and help me can some pickled beets. And hopefully My sister will have her baby. Well I think that brings me up to date. Ta Ta for now.

Ok so the pictures are all out of order and I don't have Jaxon's birthday pictures uploaded yet so that will have to be on another post along with Jaden's t-ball. Oh and Thanks again Camille for cutting my hair and takeing pictures for us. Ok i really have to go now.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Trips to Salt Lake

We went to Salt lake this weekend and camille informed me that I haven't blogged for a while. I don't really have any excuses except that I'm lazy. So here is a little bit of what we've been up to. First I'll start off with Brandon and the boy's trip to the zoo. I had to work so I was unable to go but I think they all had a great time. They got to go to the Dinosaur museum and the zoo. The only story I remember about that trip was that Jaden wondered off and got lost in the dinosaurs museum. Hopefully he learned not to wonder off. Then this last weekend we all got to go to Our nephew Dusty's wedding. I'm mad that I didn't get any pictures. And we were kinda to tired to go back to the reception. But I guess it was very pretty and they had a little photo booth there. I wish we would have went back to at least get pictures in the picture booth. gosh we could have gotten a cute little family picture for free. Anyways the Wedding was pretty and the preacher lady who married them was quit the story teller. Then after the wedding we went and visited with Brandon's sister Natalie for a little bit. Then we got to stay at Camille's for the night. Oh I got to experience what its like to hear normally. I try out Kamrie's and Deanna's hearing aid's. That was a pretty cool thing. I didn't think my ears were that bad and then I was like "wow." I couldn't believe how clear and loud every thing was. And they were so little you can't see them. Its definitely something that I need to look into. I also had my first time eating at the Training Table and having a taste of those yummy cheese fries with the bbq dip. Then Camille and Deanna treated me to my first pedicure. (thanks so much camille and deanna. and thanks camille for telling me what that little Chinese lady was saying. yeah surprise surprise I couldn't hear her very good) But it was nice I could definitely get used to having those more often. And my toes are so cute they have cute little flowers on the big toes. I wish I would have gotten a picture of all our cute toes. Then we went to Jeff's house (brandon's brother)and the boys got to swim in the pool. Then we had to head back to cedar. I wish we could have stayed longer Thanks to Camille and Deanna for showing me a great time and hopefully we can do it again soon.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Easter morning Jaden and Jaxon got up and found their Easter Baskets then we got ready and headed to Delta for the day. My mom had her Easter dinner and Egg Hunt ready when we got there. Since the weather was crappy we just hung out at my moms for a few hour's And then it was time to head back to Cedar. But everyone had a great time and can't wait until next year. Other then Easter we haven't done much, Oh we were with out a heater for about 9 days I was pretty mad about that. It all started on the 1st when I noticed that when our heater came on it smelled like melting plastic. Since we don't really know anything about heaters we decided to call someone to come look at it. The next day some dude from Cedar Valley Heating and Air came out. Sure enough he found a piece of plastic in there that was melting. So he removed what was left and then we had him service it. (big mistake) so he got it all cleaned (or what ever they do when they service it)and left. since it wasn't really cold that day we didn't realize until that night that the heater wasn't coming on. It was too late to call the guy so we just had to be cold that night. Just so everyone knows I strongly dislike being cold. I hate getting up in the morning to a freezing cold house. so i was not happy at all. OK back to my story so the guy came out the next day and said that some wire came apart or something so he fixed it and then left. I was at work and Brandon thinks its always hot so he usually has the heat turned down during the day. So once again we didn't realize until dark that it was cold in the house. Well now it's Easter weekend so we were just screwed. So we got to freeze over the weekend. So Monday we called them and told them it still isn't working. So the same idiot came out and said that some switch was broke and he couldn't get a part until the next day. (he was nice enough to bypass something so that we didn't have to freeze that night) so idiot came back the next day put the new part in and amazingly we had heat. 2 days later our heat won't come on again. So by this time I'm pretty pissed off. I was like OK the only thing that was wrong with the heater was melting plastic it was still working fine coming on and blowing warm air. Then this moron comes out and "service's" it and it hasn't worked since Obviously HE did something. we could call some one else to come look at it but then we have to pay who knows how much to fix some problem that we didn't even do. So I told Brandon to call them again and tell them to not send out the same moron. So finally a smart person came out and fixed what ever was wrong (I think) its only been 3 days. So ya sorry for the long boring story but for anyone that lives in Cedar I strongly advise if you have a heating or a/c problem don't call Cedar Valley heating and air. For some good news Jaxon is kinda potty training him self. If we let him run around without a diaper then he has no problem peeing or pooping in the toilet. But he has no desire to wear underwear or pull-ups. And if he has a diaper on then he See's no need to go potty in the toilet. But its definitely good. I'm so excited to think that maybe before he's even 3 we can be diaper free. After buying diapers for the last 6 years I'm pretty excited to know that were getting closer to being done with wiping poopie bums. And my little artist Jaden is getting so big. We got him registered for kindergarten. One of the things they did was to quiz the kids on colors and numbers and stuff. so when it was Jadens turn I was a little worried (he just likes to draw more then practice with the alphabet and numbers) but he did pretty good when the teacher pointed to the number 8 jaden said "that's a figure eight" He must have learned that from Grandpa Don. But I have to say I love Jaden's drawings. The other day he drew me sitting on the couch holding the remote and he even drew the checkered blanket I had. what a funny boy he got mad at me the other day so he drew a "no mom" sign. Well I guess I better go make some lunch. Jaden just informed me that he hasn't ate in days. (don't take that seriously we feed our kids every day I promise)

Poor Jaxon was freezing in this picture thanks to the moron who messed up our heater.

Jaxon was so tired that he fell asleep sitting up

this is Jaden's "no mom" picture

Jaden trying to be like his dad he had to draw some facial hair