Monday, December 6, 2010


Well we just had thanksgiving a few weeks ago. This year we went to Salt Lake and had thanksgiving with the Heap side. Everyone had a pretty good time and I think almost everyone was there It seemed like it didn't last long enough though but we still all had a good time and Enjoy all the time that were able to spend with the family. After we ate dinner we headed to Delta to my parents house and had some of there thanksgiving left overs and then Me and my sister took the little kids to see santa the next morning. I was excited to see what the kids were going to ask for because Jaden wouldn't tell me he just kept saying that I have to wait and see. So when Jaden got up on santa's lap he told him that he wanted a Teddy Bear! I was like a Teddy Bear? are you serious? my 6 year old wants a teddy bear. So I'm like ok what ever that should be easy to get. And then Jaxon got up and he told santa that he wanted a bag of candy. I'm like sweet Christmas will be easy this year. I've had MY Christmas presents for like a week now I got a fun new Nikon camera and some new pillows and a memory foam mattress. I know how exciting new pillows and a Mattress pad thing. But i love the new mattress its a little firm at first but then you slowly sink into it. And the pillows there ok better then what we had before but nothing to really brag about. So Yeah I think were about all ready for Christmas. This week I'm going to my traditional Christmas shopping trip with my mom and sisters so I'm looking forward to that. OK well I guess I have to go now Jaxon is needing attention. so here's some pictures OH yeah I'm so mad my battery died right before we were going to eat thanksgiving dinner so I don't have any pictures of that but I did get a picture of Camille's trampoline with all the snow on it. I just couldn't belive that all the snow broke the trampoline I just had to get a picture of it unfortunatly that was the only picture I got on Thanksgiving.


Susanna said...

Wow you do have it easy for Christmas! That's so funny that Jaden wouldn't tell you, haha:) Kennady and Shane took the Toys-R-Us Christmas book and each circled 2 things on EVERY page for their Christmas list. Sheesh! And when I told Kennady that she had to trim her list because she couldn't get a bunch of expensive gifts..."Mom! Don't you know that Santa brings us stuff for FREE? It doesn't matter how much it costs." I'm thinking a teddy bear and a bag of candy is sounding pretty good:0 I can't beieve all that snow!

Polly Blevins said...

Keep me update on the memory mattress. I have been wondering about them a lot. I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

Becky said...

Wow I can't believe the snow did that to the trampoline! HOpe you had a good Christmas-Brooklyn was pretty easy this year too. She wanted candy and gum haha:)