Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My big boy Jaden

After reading my last post It made me decide that I'm ready for another vacation. Work SUCKS after 10 years of the same thing I guess I'm just getting burned out? It's really no that bad I'm greatfull that I have a job and that i get insurance and vacation time and all that. I just wish that I could stay home and tell Jaden's freakin teacher that he'll ride the bus home every flippin day. Yes Jaden had his first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday so far he love's it. Me its kinda a big pain in my butt. Since at my awesome work place I never have a set schedule things are different everyday. So some days my kids go to the baby sitters and some days they go to day care and on my 2 days off a week there home with me. So at Jaden's assesment when his teacher has me fill in the paper about how he was going to get home from school everyday I was like OHH dear. So I told her that "I don't work a set schedule and its differnet all the time" She said "Ok" so I was assuming that things were all ok. Well today while I was at work I missed a call from her she wanted to know If Jaden was going to ride the bus home or day care was picking him up. I noticed that she called before Jaden's class even started so I was like "Oh she didn't get the note yet" They sent a paper home with Jaden that said if the kids were going to be picked up from school that they needed a note otherwise they would be sent home one the bus. So I sent a note with him saying that someone would pick him up. Well now I'm getting off work and I go pick the boys up from the babysitter and I ask if Jaden got picked up ok. His baby sitter says yes and that she told the teacher about the note in his backpack (allowing her to pick him up)So i was like ok everything went good. Well on my way home I noticed that I had missed another call from his teacher saying that she needs to know if he's going to be rideing the bus home or his day care picking him up she doesn't want any confusion. So I look into Jaden's backpack and the note is still there along with another paper that i had sent with him. So she obviously didn't even look into his folder. So on her second message she wanted me to call her back and leave a message. So I call her back and the phone rings about 5 times and then just hangs up. It didn't even give me a chance to leave a message. So as you can tell I'm annoyed with his teacher right now. Maybe it's me and I'm the one being difficult and confusing. But there is one thing that I think is werid why didn't she look into his folder?? They send home all these papers to join the PTA or order school shirt or to get permission to have your kid take flouride. So I fill then out and send them back and they are still sitting in his folder. Anyways wow I'm glad I got that off my chest. So Jaden had his 6th birthday on Aug 18 we had a little party with his cousins and he got his DS that he's been wanting. So it was a pretty good party everyone had fun. And his first day of school was pretty good except the bus didn't really know where to drop him off. the passed our house and stopped at the end of our street but he made it home and love's school (so far) I'm sure I have more storys but Jaxon is bugging me to watch a movie on the computer so this will have to be the end of this post. until next time.

sorry the picture is sideways I don't know how to fix it.


Polly Blevins said...

Happy Birthday Jaden. Man, that is frusterating about the whole bus situation for both you and your teacher. Maybe you should just ask the teacher to check his folder everyday for him. I wonder if that would bug her.

Susanna said...

I don't know how you keep your head on straight, Cass, you have so much going on! Jaden looks so much like you, Happy birthday Jaden!!

Becky said...

Definitely time for a vacation! And-Happy Birthday, Jaden! With all the chaos he still looks pretty excited about Kindergarten.